A Note from the Founder, Ingrid Macon

Photo of Ingrid Macon, Founder and Math Concepts VisionaryGreetings! My name is Ingrid Macon and I thank you for taking the time to learn more about Math Expansion.

In order for scholars to continually succeed in math, they need to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of:

  1. Whole numbers
  2. Decimals
  3. Fractions
  4. Integers

They also need to apply these skills in real world and increasingly abstract situations.

In my years teaching math, I have found that without adequate tools, teachers are under pressure to teach quick procedural skills instead of engaging scholars in a deep conceptual understanding of math. This unfortunately prevents scholars from internalizing their own connections and achieving success in future math studies.

Math Expansion is specifically designed to teach scholars integer operations. Integers are positive and negative whole numbers as well as 0. The mastery of integer operations is critical because it is the gateway to algebra, advanced-level college classes, the STEM fields, financial literacy, skilled trades, entrepreneurship, and success in life.

Our goal is to make integer operations accessible and fun for all scholars. Scholars who previously had no interest in math will gain the confidence to explore and enjoy math while mastering integer operations. Math Expansion will become a part of their every day lives, family traditions, and culture. We hope our techniques are beneficial to you and the scholars in your lives.

Ingrid Macon, Ph.D.
CEO & Math Concepts Visionary