What games can you play with each deck?

Kayla playing with cards and counters

Math Expansion currently specializes in integer addition and integer subtraction.

We have Integer Addition Levels 1-3 and Integer Subtraction Level 1-3.

Each deck can be used for many well-known games!

  • Go Fish
  • Absolute Value War
  • Matching
  • You can also challenge your scholars to make their own games!
  • The possibilities are endless!

For more information and demonstrations, see the Game Rules tab as well as the Instructional Videos tab.

I’m not sure which decks to buy. Which do you suggest?

Ingrid teaching

This depends on your scholars and their current understanding of integer operations.

  • If your scholars are at the beginning levels, Level 1 would be best.
  • If your scholars understand the concepts but simply need more practice, Level 2 will do the job.
  • If your scholars are ready for a challenge, by all means go for Level 3!
  • If your scholars are at various levels (which is most common), a classroom set of Levels 1, 2, & 3 will enable you to create a differentiated learning experience where all scholars are engaged at the appropriate level. This will create a fun learning experience for all!

What are “Integer Counters”?

Hands using integer counters
  • Integer counters are tangible representations of positive and negative integers.
  • Each blue integer counter represents +1.
  • Each red integer counter represents -1.
  • A combination of a blue integer counter and a red integer counter represents a sum of 0. We call this a “pair of zero”.
  • Integer counters can be used for scholars who are still making sense of integer operations in Integer Addition Level 1 and Integer Subtraction Level 1. If a scholar attempts a level 2 game and is still dependent on the integer counters, it might be helpful to conduct the “Checks for Understanding” from the booklet included in the deck.
  • Once a scholar has graduated to the level 2 and level 3 decks, integer counters should not be necessary.

For more information on the use of the integer counters, see the Instructions and Videos tab.

What does “Infinite Possibilities” mean?


As the name implies, the choices for this card are endless! It’s a joker or wild card. It can be matched with any card. It’s the players’ choice whether they want to use or omit the Infinite Possibilities cards while playing.